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St. Mary's International School

At St. Mary’s International School, we make learning fun. With an emphasis on inquiry-based, hands-on, cooperative learning, St. Mary’s provides a high-quality international education. Our approach to education combines a dynamic American curriculum with culturally inspired lessons plans to provide an international education while still recognizing the importance of traditional cultures. A holistic, engaging American Curriculum with an emphasis on cultural values provides our students with a firm foundation from which to explore the world and find success.

Our highly qualified teachers bring diversity into the classroom and the community. Each faculty member embodies our teaching philosophy and commitment to providing a rigorous, engaging, and nurturing environment for our students. At St. Mary’s, we believe that learning is driven by curiosity and motivation in a supportive environment with a focus on engagement, social interaction, and constructive feedback. St. Mary’s, we inspire children to engage with the world, develop their unique strengths and achieve success in all areas of their lives.

Our International Kindergarten is designed specifically for our youngest learners. With bright, innovative classrooms; dynamic indoor and outdoor play spaces; a dance studio, and a training pool, our Kindergarten campus is ideally suited for our 3, 4, and 5-year-old students. It offers them the freedom to engage and explore in a cozy, unintimidating environment. Our three language programs – Grizzly (International/English), Polar (Vietnamese), and Pizzly (Bilingual) – allow us to meet our students and our families where they are on their linguistic and educational journeys. Our Kindergarten staff of highly qualified International and Vietnamese teachers lovingly prepare our youngest learners with the skills they will need to successfully transition to our Elementary School in Grade 1.

Why Choose St. Mary's


We are situated a short commute away for families living in the most popular areas of the city. Our 12000 m2 purpose-built campus offers bright, modern academic buildings; fully equipped STEAM labs, indoor and outdoor sports fields, a covered swimming pool, and a spacious, sensory playground.


St. Mary’s provides students with an international education, rooted in a high-quality American Curriculum that prioritizes inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, communication skills, and project-based, collaborative lessons. Our curriculum allows children to develop and hone knowledge and skills in a wide range of disciplines with fun, engaging lessons. A St. Mary’s education ensures an educational experience that will prepare them to thrive in University and beyond.


Students at St. Mary’s come to school every day excited for the day ahead. This is because we are committed to providing fun, creative, engaging lessons that inspire a love of learning and motivate students to participate fully in their educational experience.


The Administration at St. Mary’s has over 10 years of experience operating international schools in Vietnam. We bring a deep understanding of Vietnamese culture and government relations, combined with expertise in international elementary and secondary education. This allows us to offer St. Mary’s families the sense of security that comes with knowing their child’s education is in good hands.


At St. Mary’s, we understand the importance of culture and work to ensure that the values of Vietnamese culture are woven into our curriculum and celebrated in our community. Located in Hanoi, the beautiful capital of Vietnam, we are fortunate to be situated in the midst of a culture with a deep history that values respect, education, resilience, harmony, family, and community. We honor these values and keep them alive for students through cultural lessons and celebrations throughout the year.

Principal Darrin

We are St. Mary's

“I am proud to be part of such a warm and welcoming community. All of our team members are guided by the principles inherent in our Vision and Core Values. This allows us to offer an exceptional educational experience for children in preparation for a life of learning and leadership.”

Darrin Barker, Principal

Explore Campus

St. Mary’s International Kindergarten will be now offering in-person campus visit opportunities for prospective students and parents interested in enrolling for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 school year as soon as the Government Covid Regulations say it is safe to do so.

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