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Halloween 👻🎃

St. Mary’s Halloween: A day of spooky fun, delicious treats, and awesome memories!

School Decorations

Behold our spooktacular campuses! With a big shout-out to the PAWS group, our school campuses have been transformed into a Halloween wonderland. Halloween spirit was on every corner of St. Mary’s!

Halloween Costumes

No Halloween celebration would be complete without a dazzling array of costumes. Students, parents, staff, and faculty all got into the Halloween spirit, dressing up in creative costumes, from superheroes, dinosaur riders, pilots, princesses, and pirates to cartoon characters and classic monsters like vampires, mummies, or witches.

Trick or Treat Tables by PAWS Parents

The sweetest part of Halloween was the Trick-or-Treat tables put together by the PAWS parents. These tables were a candy lover’s dream come true, offering tons of candies, chocolates, and treats, ensuring that everyone left with bags full of sweet memories. Not only did the parents all make it the incredible event that it was, but they embodied the welcoming spirit of St. Mary’s by greeting each student and making them all feel special and involved in the fun.