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School Health Centre

The health and safety of our students is our most important priority. When students are ill, they cannot perform at their best and may unintentionally spread their illness throughout the community. To protect the health of our students, staff and overall school community, our School Health Center (SHC) is staffed by qualified nurses, available to provide first aid for students and staff members during school hours. Our SHC is responsive to student and staff health concerns, available to provide necessary medications (with doctor and parent approval) and active on our campus when health issues may affect ongoing activities such as sporting events or other outdoor events. In addition to our School Health Center, we actively prioritize the health of our entire school community through community-wide health policies regarding outdoor activities, food allergies, procedures for students who are ill, and monitoring and responding to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic as necessary.

Professionally Qualified and Experienced Nursing Staff

Regular AQI and Heat Index Monitoring for Safe Outdoor Play

Community-Wide Commitment to Safeguarding Children

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