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School Meals

At St. Mary’s, we deeply care for our students’ health and well-being. We provide a nutritious and balanced diet to support the health and development of our students. Our experienced kitchen staff ensures that the food and drink served by our canteen meets the following qualifications:

VARIED: We provide two lunch menus for students to choose from each day.

NUTRITIOUS: All meals are rich in vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients.

SAFE: All ingredients are safe, of clear-origin, good-quality, and properly stored.

ENJOYABLE: All of our meals are kid-tested and approved!*

We encourage our students to eliminate sweet, salt, caffeine, fat and junk food from their overall diets to promote a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, in order to constantly improve the quality of our canteen, students and parents are encouraged to participate in regular feedback surveys and to discuss any concerns about meals with their teachers.

* SENSO Food Catering Company has been serving quality meals at St. Paul American School in Hanoi for over 8 Years
* Sample Student Lunch Menu 

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