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Tet Celebration 2024 🐉🌸🧧

Chung Cake Making

Making Chung Cake is among the cherished traditions of the Vietnamese people during Tet. To introduce our young Grizzlies to this cultural practice, Ms. Giang led all kindergarten students in a delightful Chung Cake-making session. Our little Grizzlies didn’t just learn about the ingredients; they got hands-on experience shaping those delicious square cakes in wooden molds and mastering the art of using special strings to cut them. Finally, we all gathered to enjoy the fruits of our labor – a feast of yummy Chung Cakes. What a fun and tasty adventure in learning and tradition! 😆


Tet Envelopes Linocut Printing

Just before Tet, one of our Grizzly 4 parents, organized a fun cultural art session: Tet Envelope Linocut Printing. Our youngest Grizzlies were thrilled to explore and experiment with various rollers and ink to create pictures on paper, giving Tet envelopes a fresh twist! It was an enjoyable and educational experience, providing a fun way for our Grizzly 4 students to learn about Tet and Vietnamese traditions.


All School Tet Celebration

During our Tet Celebration, students and teachers had a great time exploring the colorful world of Vietnamese Tet traditions and participating in a variety of engaging activities. Engaging in sack jumping, calligraphy writing, the Lucky Money challenge, and savoring Tet Cuisine, made it a morning of excitement and cultural treats. We’re grateful to all of our staff who worked hard to create an event full of joy and learning, that showcased the beauty of this important Vietnamese holiday. 🥰

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