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The Grizzly House System

Common in the British School system, school houses provide opportunities for students to develop and thrive outside of their regular academic schedule. Each house is made up of students from different grade levels, allowing students to meet, work, and bond with students of different ages. This provides opportunities for teamwork, leadership, and relationship building. Membership in a house also provides students with another layer of identity, another group to be a part of, within the larger school community. 

Here at St. Mary’s, as GRIZZLIES, it is only natural that our houses are TREES! Each tree represents positive qualities that we hope our students will embody and aspire to: PINE, BIRCH, CEDAR, AND OAK. Each month, students participate in house challenges to earn points towards their house. The challenges build team and school spirit; reinforce school values and allow students to collaborate, engage in friendly competition and be an active, contributing member of a team. And most importantly, they are FUN! 

At the beginning of each month, teachers share a list of monthly challenges for students to participate in. At the end of the month, points are counted up for each house and the winning house is awarded a prize. We look forward to fostering a spirit of teamwork and friendly competition, but also remembering, no matter what tree we call home, we are all GRIZZLIES!